Why competitive games are so fun and entertaining? Well, you see nothing that comes easily in life is actually exciting and enjoyable, we humans tend to value things that we cannot have, things that require from us a lot of work and struggle. The same principle applies to competitive games, in order to succeed in such games, you will have to work a lot, improve your skills, defeat tough opponents and spend a lot of time and afford. Today I want to present to you one of my favorite online games – Wormate.io

We all have played Slither.io in the past and we all know how this game works, right? The same goes for this game as well, you are located in a large area that is full of various worms, and all of them are pretty much your enemies or competitors, call them whatever you want but keep in mind that you will have to either avoid an encounter with them, or you will have to destroy them in order to get more food and power-ups for yourself. It is tough out there and it is either kill or be killed.

In order to grow bigger, in order to evolve, and improve your characteristics, you will have to consume as much food as you can. The location is full of various glowing essences, try to collect them as often as you can, and if you will notice that a large worm has died nearby rush to that location and collect material from them to get easy resources.

Why grow?
I guess the best part of the game is to feed your worm and see it growing, it gives you some sort of satisfaction that all your efforts are not in vain and that you can see the results of your hard-working. Apart from that when you are big enough you can trap other players and encircle them in order to get their resources as well. Like I have said before, kill or be killed, jungle rules…

I just love this part of Wormate.io, there are so many different power-ups in the game, they definitely can help you to achieve your goals faster and easier. They are usually scattered across the map, these improvements are temporary so once you get them, make sure that you use them wisely.

Some of the main power-ups are: Magnet, Lock, Crisscross, Speed boost, Magnifying glass, Question mark, and Multiplier. What they do and how they work is a mystery for you at the moment and you will have to resolve this mystery all by yourself by scrolling up and hitting that play button, cheers guys, and I hope that you will love this game as much as I did.

Big Head Basketball Unblocked

If you are fond of funny flash games and sports games I have awesome news for you, there is a new release called Big Head Basketball Unblocked or some call it Sports Heads: Basketball Championship as well. Unlike other similar games, this one has a two-player mode as well, you can play it with your friend or you can also play in solo mode alone, the choice is yours.

Movements in the game are performed with arrow buttons, and jump as well (up arrow button) as for the hit you can do it with the help of a space bar.

Your main objective in the game is to reach the top eight positions in your League. There are a total of fourteen total League matches, make sure that you earn enough points to go into Play-Offs.

If you want to perform a super jump trick you will have to jump on Springboard, keep in mind that this feature has cool down and it takes five seconds for it to recharge.

The game also offers different power-ups, just hit them with the ball whenever they appear and you will get extra stats that will improve your performance in the game.

Well, what are you waiting for? Select your player, select your difficulty, and hit that start button.

Play Boxhead Unblocked

Zombie games have been always super popular, people just love to clear the whole horde of evil undead and save humanity from doom. This is why I have decided to present you with the latest version of the Boxhead Unblocked game. It has new stuff in it, like for example: new weapons, new maps, new explosives, new game modes, etc.

Keep in mind that each map has its own unique strategy, for example where you stand is almost as important as how you play. Make sure that you take a strategic point on the map and hold it as long as you can. Keep an eye on your ammo, make sure that you don’t run out of bullets, make sure that you use explosive barrels wisely, shoot at them when there are tons of zombies around it, and cause as much damage as you can. Make sure that you pick up all spawned weapons unless it is too dangerous to go in that spot, keep balance in the game and you should be all right.

Like I have said before game has different new modes, try them one by one and find the one that suits your gameplay the most. This game has other popular sequels as well, I will add them here from time to time and you can play them online as well.

This is one of the best zombie flash games out there and I believe you will find it entertaining.